8 Unique Advantages of Emerald Gemstone

8 Unique Advantages of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

8 Unique Advantages of Emerald Gemstone
8 Unique Advantages of Emerald Gemstone

The color of the emerald is a green or green light. Emerald is ruled by the planet Mercury and is considered a symbol of hope. It brings wisdom to the wearer and the best time for an emerald’s power is the spring. Wearing Emerald gemstone for more growth in the business.

Different qualities of emeralds are found such as Zambian, Colombian and Brazil Emerald. Emeralds represent the symbol of honor and love. An emerald will bring good fortune, particularly for Virgos and Geminis.

Astrological Implication

Emerald gemstone is an effective astrological gemstone and represents a powerful mercury planet. It is also associated with the planet Budh and indicated as Budh Ratna. If one belongs to the Gemini Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant, then one should go for wearing the emerald lucky stone as an astrological remedy.

Another Zodiac sign such as Virgo or Gemini Zodiac can also wear Panna stone. Emeralds reduce mental stress and keep blood circulation balanced. Emeralds are linked with the planet Mercury, which relates to intellect, memory, speech, wisdom, short travel, and intuitive power.

Buy Natural Emerald - 9Gem
Buy Natural Emerald – 9Gem

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

  • Wearing emerald can help increase the ability to focus and concentration.
  • People with speech problems also benefit from wearing an emerald gemstone.
  • It helps people who are feeling shyness to move and interact with others.
  • Emerald gemstone encourages intellect, analytical, memory, and intellectual power.
  • It helps persons suffering from asthma, amnesia, ulcer, cardiac problems, etc.
  • Emerald also imparts the ability to increase the power of reasoning and spirituality.
  • Legal disputes get easily resolved if a person involved in the dispute wears an emerald.
  • Persons having problems related to the brain and memory can wear emerald to solve their problems.
  • Emerald also provides benefits to those people who are belonging to the IT sector and astronomy nuclear field.
  • The wealth-related issues are solved by wearing Panna stone.
  • To the extent, business is concerned it is positive for distributors, and experts in the material field.
  • It is also considered a natural one without treatment and useful for people severe stress, anxiety, and disturbances.Buy-Natural-Emerald-Stone

Physical Health Benefits

  • It is believed that wearing Panna stone benefits individual suffering from eye, ear or skin related disorders, nervous system and certain allergies of the respiratory tract.
  • Emerald spares an individual from troubles, quiets the anger, gives mental harmony and builds visual perception.
  • Emerald also restores peaceful and harmonious married life.
  • Increased peace of mind helps the person perform better and lead a harmonious and prosperous life.
  • To gain profit and touch the peak of success, then astrologers highly recommend to wear an emerald gemstone. It is a symbol of prosperity.

How to wear an Emerald?

Emerald you wear should be at least 3 carats in size. Astrological advice is the must. The first day you wear your emerald ring or pendant is Wednesday and the best time is at sunrise or 2 hours before sunrise. It should be worn on the fourth figure of the right hand.

Buy Natural Emerald - 9Gem
Buy Natural Emerald – 9Gem

Origin of Emerald

Best quality of precious emerald stones is found in Colombia. Good quality Emeralds are also found in Zambian emerald, Brazil emerald gemstone, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Russia.

In the international market, Zambian emerald price and Brazilian emeralds are considered to have the almost same quality as Colombian emeralds. Zambian emeralds are typically darker in color than Columbian which comes in shades of deep green with good transparency.

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