August Birthstones Peridot, Spinel And Sardonyx

August Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel And Sardonyx

August Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel And Sardonyx, In the year 1912, Peridot officially selected by the American National Association of Jewelers as Gemstone of August. A century later, in 2016, the number of official August birthstones became three. Spinal and Sardonyx joined Peridot giving more variety to the people born in the month of August. If you are born in August, you’ll be happy to know that these are no small gemstones and if you keep them by your side, you might have everything you ever dream of.

Most of the people who go about their lives don’t even realize the true potential that they have inside themselves and live under the assumption that they are typical and there’s nothing extraordinary with them but the fact is they didn’t know how to channel their inner energies and how to get favors from the lady luck.

If you get the right gemstone for your birth month, you will be able to get the favors from luck. So, if you are struggling right now and you are born in August, read about the gemstones that will help you on your journey to find peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Peridot August Birth gemstones

This gemstone is formed in the deeper pits of the earth’s mantle and only come to the surface through volcanic eruptions. It’s green in color, a shade like the olive-green and is among the few gemstones which come in a single color. There might, however, be some changes in the shades of green.

It symbolized as the tears of Pele, the goddess of Volcano in the Hawaiian tradition. She  is the one who controlled the lava. In rare cases, it can also finds inside meteors. These gemstones have a rich history and earliest known Peridot stones.


Throughout history, people have had different notions and beliefs about Peridot. The Egyptians believed it to be the gem of the sun and would protect them from the terrors of the night while people in the other regions believed that it wards off evil.

An interesting thing about Peridot stone is that due to its green color, it has been confused in history for Emerald. Many people thought that these were emeralds until studies showed otherwise. Some experts go as far as to say the emeralds the Cleopatra owned were actually Peridot.

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Sardonyx August Birth Gemstones

It is a gemstone that if formed by the fusion of two different minerals – sard and onyx. Due to the two different colors of these two minerals, the formation of sardonyx is a pattern that is similar to Zebra stripes with red and white stripes.

It also stands for happiness and protection.


Greek and Roman soldiers would carry these gemstones engraved with images of folk heroes like Hercules because they believed they will find their courage and strength through these gemstones, and they will protect them in battle.

Orators would go to talk to people wearing a talisman of the Sardonyx and help their thoughts become clearer and more potent. It used them with effective communication.


Spinel August Birth Gemstones

The case of Spinel is similar to the Peridot in the way that it has been confused with Ruby throughout history just like Peridot was confused with Emerald. This is due to the fact that this gemstone has an identical red of the Ruby which makes it convincing as a Ruby. Sometimes here is a confusion with Sapphire as well as in different colors.

Although not as hard as Sapphire stones or Ruby, it has a unique structural framework that sets it apart from the other gemstones. Among the various colors, vivid red is the most desirable color but it can also be in black, violet-blue, greenish blue, greyish, pale pink, mauve, yellow, or brown.


It was keeping by kings and emperors as valuables. Some famous Rubies are Spinels the most infamous among them being the crown jewels of England “Black Prince’s Ruby” and “Timur Ruby”

Monarchs of that time had a number of Spinels and although the kingdoms fell and destroyed, these gemstones survived.

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