Effects of Rahu in different houses of Birth Chart

Rahu is the shadow planet. Rahu and Ketu both are the two strong planets as per the Indian Astrologists.

Following are the general effects of Rahu in a different house of a chart. The effects act on the origin of its planetary situation.

Rahu in the first house: Mars and Sun influence the 1st house. The natives are generally lionhearted, adventurous and valorous. Most importantly they never run out of money. Although they are prone to witness high fluctuations with their financial status. They do suffer a lot in professional and career fields.

Rahu in the second house: The natives having Rahu in the 2nd house have to bear either positive or negative results depending upon the form of Rahu i.e. benefic or malefic. In the case of the positive effects, the native enjoys immense power and financial status.

Rahu in the third house: Generally, Rahu in 3rd house is a favorable condition for its natives. It makes them inquisitive about religion and self-worth. Natives of this house enjoy great wealth. They usually hold high posts in their professional life eventually relishing a luxurious life. Considering the malefic effects, the natives of this house often fail to recuperate their money.

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Rahu in the fourth house: Rahu staying in the 4th house becomes the strongest. Generally, the natives of this house suffer from poverty and health problems of his mother. If Rahu has the influence of benefic planets then the person would be intelligent, wealthy and lead a good life. They do possess a good sense of moral etiquettes and are highly ambitious.

Rahu in the fifth house: Becoming famous and well renowned has a lot to do with being Rahu in 5th house. It is a splendid placement for individuals who want to achieve success in artistic fields. Everything seems to be perfect with their wealth and career. The negative effects causes problems in an individual’s personal life, be it marriage or children.

Rahu in the sixth house: Rahu in the 6th house in considered a Virgo sign. It has the influence of Mercury. It helps the natives to be successful, wealthy and victorious in life. A malefic Rahu will instigate the native to hurt his own relatives and friends. The natives suffer physical ailments as well.

Rahu in the seventh house: This house seeks to give its natives marital bliss and happiness in relationships. It is also good for business partnerships. The natives of this house are dominating and would likely to be the superior one. Among the malefic effects, this house also creates tension between spouses. They suffer mentally with disrupted peace and conflicts in relationships.

Rahu in the eighth house: They lead a prosperous life but being a malefic planet, it has negative effects. In the astrology 8th house is also treated as a negative house but that doesn’t mean this house cannot show its positivity. Wastage of money being one the most seen cause of negative effect.

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Rahu in the ninth house: This house has the influence of Jupiter. It improves the mental quality and paves the way for its natives to build a good career for himself. A malefic Rahu can also become the reason for other personal ailments and problems in life.

Rahu in the tenth house: It is one of the most favorable houses for Rahu. Natives of this house are intelligent and have a prominent personality. They achieve great heights in their career as well as in their lives. On the other side of Rahu is malefic it would have a detrimental effect on native’s mother. He also suffers a loss of wealth and physical ailments.

Rahu in the eleventh house: Saturn and Jupiter can affect this house. Natives are well off financially. They find overall peace and tranquility of mind. On the other side, a malefic Rahu tends to create disturbance between personal relationships. The natives have to face loses associated with the business.

Rahu in the twelfth house: Rahu is not at all comfortable with the last 12th house. It has unwanted effects on the native’s finance, health as well as in his professional life. It mostly brings debt, diseases and success failure.

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