July Is Month Of Precious Birthstone Ruby

July Is Month Of Precious Birthstone Ruby


Rubies are a timeless precious birthstone that is adored because of their crimson color and sturdiness. The chemical compositions are the same as that of sapphire, which belongs to the mineral composition of corundum.

Owing to its clarity, cut and beauty, it found its place as the second most precious stone after diamond in the Navratnas.

However, did you know? Rubies associated with the month of July and considered to be lucky for those born in that month.

Associated with the planet Sun, Rubies recommended by astrologers when the planet overpowered by the evil planets-Rahu and Ketu.

Ruby can dispel the ill effects of these planets. In fact, Ruby is a lucky stone during the Sun Mahadasha and the Antardasha.

The Ruby gemstone is often mixed-cut, which include brilliant cut-crowns and step-cut pavilions. However, the most common shapes are ovals and cushions.

Other cuts include round, triangular, emerald-cut, pear cut. These shapes can not found in larger sizes.

It must know that Rubies above one carat are very rare. Therefore, the prices increase greatly with the sizes.

It should be mentioned here that Rubies that are typically cut en cabochon, display asterism; Whereas, rubies with rutile inclusions exhibit star silky luster. Transparent rubies exhibit a vitreous luster.

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Uses Of Wearing Precious Birthstone Ruby

It have worn by people in position or authority. People who are eager to achieve great fetes at work also recommended this gemstone.

The stone will connect you to base chakra and then through to the earth star chakra. This releases excessive high vibration of spiritual energy  into the earth.

Their color is close to the color of blood, it is useful to aid the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.


Origin Of The Ruby July Precious Birthstone

Ruby stone found in different countries or origins. It’s also difficult to found of which shade of ruby stone found from where. Before buying ruby stone always keep one thing in hour mind about gems, about their quality and certification

So here we share the different and best mining place of ruby that are Burma, Africa, USA, Cambodia, Brazil, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mozambique, Thailand, Kenya, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Nepal, and other countries. Ruby from Myanmar (Burma) is the  best ruby stone.

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