Hessonite Gemstone and its Benefits


The Hessonite is a member of the garnet stone species which has the solid formation of calcium-aluminum silicate. Due to the brownish color, it is also popular as cinnamon stone in some regions. The name of hessonite has come from the Greek word ‘esson’ which has similar shape and color. For a long time, people have been using the garnet gemstone for gifting to loved ones and personal use for astrological benefits.

The color of hessonite gemstones

The Hessonite gemstones come in a variety of colors. The color of these stones ranges from brown-red to honey-yellow and orange-brown. The magnificent presence of iron and manganese creates the orange color with the inclusion of red, yellow and pinkish.

Honey like appearance and beautiful cuts in the round and oval shapes distinguish this stone from others. The inclusion of different color does not affect its price and value. The most famous hessonite stones are found in Sri Lanka. They are also mined in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

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Who can wear a hessonite stone?

According to astrology, the planet Rahu rules this stone. Hessonite is a powerful stone and many have fear of as it is similar to blue sapphire. It suits individuals who are born under the zodiac sign, Aries.

As per astrological beliefs, one can have wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, offspring, praise, fame, and good health wearing an original garnet gemstone. This stone protects its user from rivalries and enemies in every corner of life.

Astrological beliefs

The malefic position of Rahu in the horoscope results in individuals suffering from poor judgment and a sense of despondency. They feel a lost cause in everything. Physical and mental illness stops them from doing anything fruitful. In such cases, people become selfish and insensitive to others.

To overcome the malefic effects due to wrong positioning of Rahu, individuals can get a beneficial effect after wearing hessonite gemstones. Individuals suffering from some chronic disease like piles, cholera, dysentery, inflammation of the uterus and constipation. They also become introvert in their social life.

Benefits of hessonite gemstones

In astrology, experts believe that the Hessonite gemstone and other garnet gemstones pacify the evil effects of Vedic planet Rahu and protect the person from the negative effects. Let us see some of the positive effects of wearing a hessonite gemstone.

1. It helps to remove depression, anxieties and mental blockage for its user.

2. It helps to increase concentration, focus and provides the right direction which is essential for achieving success. Therefore, it is quite helpful for those who are busy in higher studies and research works as the stone provides professional progress along with social and financial status.

3. Individuals suffering from an incurable disease like epilepsy, allergies can wear this gemstone after consulting an astrologer. An original garnet stone is known to protect an individual from heart palpitation and internal hemorrhage.

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4. For having a peaceful and happy marital life hessonite gemstone can play a pivotal role. It creates good bondage between two people with love and harmony.

5. Gomed gemstone has the ability to reduce the effect of black magic or evil eye as per astrological beliefs. It is known to be effective in sporting competitions and helps the user to emerge victoriously.

6. It boosts up the ability to handle social issues and enhance the user’s influence over a large gathering. Politicians get good help from this stone as they need to address a large crowd.

7. In the IT sector, Government jobs and business ventures, people can get a better result by wearing hessonite. It helps the wearer to win in all adverse and negative situations.

8. It cures acute diseases and other related problems arising out of metabolism and gastric disorder.

Method of wearing the garnet stone

It is very important to know the method of wearing a gemstone to get the best result. One needs to wash it with water and milk. Astrologers recommend Wednesday and Saturday for wearing this stone. Two hours after the sunset is the most preferable time for wearing Hessonite stone. One can wear it in a ring made of gold, silver, copper, and bronze.

One must always consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstones. These professionals also recommend the size and color of garnet loose stones which can be used in a ring or pendant for effective results.

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